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Former MGR Head of training launches FREE website to help people back into work!

Free Website has been launched (Tuesday 10th May) to help anybody who has been affected by the recent closure of MG Rover, Longbridge Birmingham back into work.

Former Head of Training at MG Rover Longbridge, Jo Cameron of
has teamed up with Paul Curtis of and local award winning web designers to launch this innovative solution to assist people in their job seeking activities. It is the first service of its kind to match job seekers directly with employers. All parties have friends and family who have worked at Longbridge and have been deeply affected by events there.

The website will enable people looking for work (the seekers) to post their profiles, providing a shop window for employers (the finders) looking to fill vacancies. It will hold details of people with a whole range of skills who make outstanding employees in most sectors from IT to Manufacturing, from Engineering to Finance and HR to Sales and Marketing.

The service is free to employers, employees and agencies and will run initially until the end of September. It is a one-stop shop for local and national employers to plug their skills gaps.

Ken Kelly Head of Vehicle Assembly who has worked at the company for nearly 25 years and managed over 2000 employees commented, “There are thousands of highly trained, adaptable, flexible skilled people who are now looking for work. If employers are having difficulties filling vacancies simply log on to the website”.

Adrian Ross of the Longbridge works committee supports the idea, commenting “When something likes this happens it affects a whole community, its great to see so many people helping out”

For more information please call :

Jo Cameron 07841 764 781

Paul Curtis 07780 663007

Ken Kelly 0771 5699369

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