MG Rover

Lewis Day transport embraces the unmistakable style of Rover


When you operate an executive car service you want to offer an experience that’s welcoming and refined, style that’s distinctive and elegant in an environment that feels effortlessly reserved and stress free.

Having recently taken delivery of 128 Rover 75s Lewis Day Transport provides that exact same experience. With clients who range from the cream of the FTSE 100 executives to the darlings of the media world, each patron is rewarded with premier service in a luxurious atmosphere.

“The Rover 75’s smooth drive, refined looks, reliability and spacious boot make it a perfect executive vehicle,” said Jeffrey Ritterband, Lewis Day Transport, operations director. “The drivers think the car is fantastic and it’s even been the cause of one or two arguments as they all want to drive one, I’ve never heard of that happening before!”

The Rover 75s are not the only Longbridge models Lewis Day purchased. As rapid response vehicles for delivering urgent medical supplies the company recently opted for two MG ZT 190s. “Not only are they exceptionally quick,” said Ritterband of the ZTs, “but they have a real presence which makes other road users sit up and take notice.”

“We’re delighted that Lewis Day has recognised the essence and core brand values that each of the marques offers,” said Kevin Brown, MG Rover Group, director, corporate sales.

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