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MG Ice Maiden is Double World Champion – Bobsleigh!

While ice and snow brought the UK to a standstill, one lady was using the elements to her advantage. Down the icy curves and straights of the World Cup bobsleigh tracks, MG sponsored-Sandra Kiriasis and her German team were cutting up speeds of over 80 miles per hour and taking corners at four times the force of gravity to take the World Championship and World Cup titles.

With over 1475 metres of adrenaline, raced in under 60 seconds, Sandra took the MG motor racing spirit to the ice. Together with her team-mates Anja Schneiderheinze and Berit Wiacker, Sandra had the perfect end to an excellent season by winning the World Championships at the final round in Calgary, Canada. The World Cup, a competition that runs consecutively over seven selected venues, was secured with an outstanding five wins.

“The MG-sponsored women’s bobsleigh is a genuine high-speed ride of excitement, so we are naturally thrilled that the ladies have achieved success and are odds-on for more,” said MG Rover Germany, managing director, Jürgen Voss.

Sandra and the MG bobsleigh team are now looking ahead to the winter Olympics in 2006, “Our recent success is brilliant, now we’re aiming for gold in the Turin 2006 Olympics.”

On or off the track, in or out the car, the MG race fundamentals remain the same: speed, ambition, skill and an unconditional desire to perform to the limit. This explains why the women’s bobsleigh team ‘take the MG’ and the winning title.

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